Certified Partner



In today's fast paced society, long-lasting relationships between the homebuyer and the homebuilder/ remodelers are rare. At Waldec Homes, such lasting relationships are our hallmark. In fact, it is because of this simple mindset, discipline and operational framework, that guarantees our customers an everlasting experience, as well as an everlasting friendship.

Built on the foundation of trust, honesty and integrity, we believe that our customers' expectations towards unconditional satisfaction is more valuable than the building project itself. In accordance with our company’s mantra, our continued commitment to exceed such expectations demands a complete and comprehensive understanding of our customers' lifestyles, ideals, necessities and desires. The value of your home/project will not be a determining factor in the value of our customer service, craftsmanship, attention to detail or quality.

We will apply our unparalleled expertise, craftsmanship and experiences throughout every facet of the construction process. Most importantly, we will approach each and every project with the utmost respect in mind, as if it were our own family’s. Thus, the completed project and end result being your  new “HOME” rather than your new “house”.