Certified Partner



Brian Diggins and Chuck Gianakas form the partnership that is Diggins Builders, LLC. Together, we have over 35 years of residential and light commercial construction experience, and more than 25 years of experience serving our clients as individual business owners. We are committed to hard work, efficient progress, open communication with our clients, and unwavering attention to detail. These are the foundational blocks on which we have built our business. We believe that every client, no matter the size of the project, deserves our best effort.

We are equally dedicated to providing the highest quality, both in our service and our finished product. We have worked very hard to find the most talented craftsman in the industry to handle the aspects of our projects that we do not perform internally. We work with top notch professionals that range from designers and architects, to plumbers and electricians. With this talented pool of professionals that we have chosen to assemble, we are able start with as little as a concept or dream, and turn it into a reality.

Brian lives in Moon Township with his wife and three children. He partners with most of our clients that reside outside of the city. Chuck lives in Friendship with his wife and two children. He partners mostly with clients that are within city limits.