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Anderson Plumbing was founded in 1959 by Ronald Anderson Sr. One of Pittsburgh areas best kept secrets, Anderson Plumbing has never needed go out of their way to advertise. Through 50+ plus years of commitment to quality control, reliability and high level service, the reputation has created a name second to none in the world of commercial and residential plumbing. Anderson plumbing was founded on one principal, NEVER compromise quality or reputation.

As a second generation family run business, Ron Anderson Sr. and Ron Anderson Jr. have up to 18 professionally trained and licensed plumbers to service the needs of their clients. All servicemen must complete a four journeyman program of supervised work activity before becoming officially licensed with Anderson Plumbing. This program ensures each employee is performing at the highest level possible with strict guidelines in terms of maintaining quality workmanship. Never will you find anything but the highest level of professionalism when Anderson Plumbing comes to your home or business.

With access to all major brands of plumbing equipment and accessories, Anderson is able to service all the needs of any commercial and residential accounts. With decades of experience in new construction, Anderson is capable of designing and completing the installation of any plumbing system for a new building or home. Other specialties include expertise in Home Sprinkler Systems that may be required for new construction along with Radiant Heat systems design and installation. With over 50 years of experience, Anderson plumbing will be able to service the needs of any client while maintaining quality workmanship at a competitive price. Please feel free to contact Ron Anderson Jr. at anytime to schedule a personal consultation.